Mission Statement

The mission of Smith Asset Management Group is to provide high quality investment management service to a limited number of institutional and high net worth clients. The role of Smith Asset Management Group is to be a specialist player in an industry dominated by large firms. The niche established by the firm is that of a boutique, performance-oriented investment advisor that focuses on delivering a high level of client service. It is the goal of the firm to create portfolios that can generate superior risk-adjusted rates of return over a full market cycle.


This mission will be met by building a team of highly skilled professionals with similar values and complementary skills. We will focus on making investment decisions where we have established expertise, while minimizing the impact of those where we do not. We are passionate in our commitment to continuous improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of our investment decisions and delivery of client service. Alignment with the firm and our clients is paramount and accomplished via wide employee ownership.


We value PEOPLE, including our clients, our colleagues, and our shareholders, as well as those we work with in the marketplace day in and day out. We treat others with respect and compassion and make every effort to generously serve others in whatever ways possible.

We value the power of the TEAM. Our people are our most valuable assets and recognize individual contribution. However, by combining complementary skills the team can accomplish much more than the sum of individual efforts.

We value CHARACTER, and we are committed to holding each other accountable to be honest, responsible, trustworthy and dependable people who can be counted upon to do the right thing at all times.

We value a passionate commitment to EXCELLENCE, and we approach everything we do in an intense, disciplined manner, confident in our abilities, and optimistic about the future.

We value INNOVATION. The information age has made volumes of investment information available real-time. Innovation in how we filter, process, and communicate information with clients a key to differentiating ourselves from our peers.

Portfolio Managers:

Steve Smith - CEO and Chairman of the Investment Committee

  • Began working in the industry in 1977.
  • Joined Smith Asset Management in 1995.
  • Education and Degree(s)
    • BS, University of Alabama
    • MBA, University of Alabama
  • Prior Work Experience
    • Wachovia 1973-1983, VP of Investments
    • B of A 1983 - 1995, SVP of Investments
  • Certifications and Designations
    • CFA Charterholder
    • Eagle Scout
  • Personal and Outside Interests
    • DFW CFA Advisory Board
    • Member CFA Institute
    • Member CFA Society of DFW
    • Chair of Church Council local Methodist church
    • Board member of several non-profits with a nature focus
    • Active athlete on various sports teams
    • Married with one daughter

John Brim - Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

  • Began working in the industry in 1990.
  • Joined Smith Asset Management in 1998.
  • Education and Degree(s)
    • BS in Economics, Texas A&M University
  • Prior Work Experience
    • NationsBank (now B of A) 1990-1997, Senior Client Manager
    • Deloitte and Touche 1997-1998, Manager Institutional Investment
  • Certifications and Designations
    • CFA Charterholder
  • Personal and Outside Interests
    • Member CFA Institute
    • Member CFA Society of DFW
    • Board member Baylor Medical Center McKinney
    • Board member Life in the Trinity Ministry
    • Married with three children