Who we are:

Smith Asset Management Group is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded in 1995 by Steve Smith, our CEO and Chief Investment Officer. We are a 100% employee owned company.

What we do:

Smith Group originated in our founder Steve Smith's understanding that unexpected earnings growth can be a persistent source of excess investment returns. In the late 1970's, Steve participated in some of the earliest studies on unexpected earnings growth (then known merely as earning surprise), and his focus on the unexpected is the foundation and driving force for our approach to investing.

Keys To Success:

  • 20 years focused on the theory and practice of capturing unexpected earnings
  • A portfolio construction process with the intent to integrate the best of both disciplines
    • Quantitative research to identify opportunities and risks swiftly
    • Fundamental analysis to verify potential sources of unexpected growth
  • Seeking to deliver realized growth that is better than expected

Portfolio Managers:

Steve Smith - CEO and Chairman of the Investment Committee

  • Began working in the industry in 1977.
  • Joined Smith Asset Management in 1995.
  • Education and Degree(s)
    • BS, University of Alabama
    • MBA, University of Alabama
  • Prior Work Experience
    • Wachovia 1973-1983, VP of Investments
    • B of A 1983 - 1995, SVP of Investments
  • Certifications and Designations
    • CFA Charterholder
    • Eagle Scout
  • Personal and Outside Interests
    • DFW CFA Advisory Board
    • Member CFA Institute
    • Member CFA Society of DFW
    • Chair of Church Council local Methodist church
    • Board member of several non-profits with a nature focus
    • Active athlete on various sports teams
    • Married with one daughter

John Brim - Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

  • Began working in the industry in 1990.
  • Joined Smith Asset Management in 1998.
  • Education and Degree(s)
    • BS in Economics, Texas A&M University
  • Prior Work Experience
    • NationsBank (now B of A) 1990-1997, Senior Client Manager
    • Deloitte and Touche 1997-1998, Manager Institutional Investment
  • Certifications and Designations
    • CFA Charterholder
  • Personal and Outside Interests
    • Member CFA Institute
    • Member CFA Society of DFW
    • Board member Baylor Medical Center McKinney
    • Board member Life in the Trinity Ministry
    • Married with three children

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